Hand-e-Balm, 2oz (59ml)

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HandeBalm is an effective medication for damaged hands, and helps the body’s natural ability to heal rips and blisters. HandeBalm soothes discomfort caused by hand blisters and friction burns between grips and wrist, and conditions the skin to reduce future injuries. HandeBalm has been tried and tested on gymnasts and crossfit athletes.

HandeBalm offers gymnasts an all-in-one formula that includes; pain relief, antiseptic properties, ingredients for faster healing, and skin protection to help reduce future skin injuries. 

Medicated HandeBalm treats severe skin conditions such as skin rips, blisters, burns, dry skin, and cracked skin. Our product provides pain relief, has amazing antiseptic properties and several ingredients for faster healing, and has shown to help reduce friction skin injuries.

Made in the USA

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