Bailie Gymnastics Grips

Bailie Gymnastics Grips are made in the USA and have been worn by gymnasts from beginners to Olympic and World medalists. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing Gymnastics Grips you can be assured a solid performance and great value for money.

The dowel grips assist the gymnast with holding onto the bar and reduce hand irritation. You should check with your coach to determine if you are ready for dowel grips. Bailie grips are made in different widths and offer a variety of ways to attach the grip to the wrist. The standard width grip is the normal width for the industry and suits most gymnasts. However, for gymnasts that are younger or have smaller hands Bailie also make a narrower grip which is approximately ¼ inch narrower.

Girls / Womens Grips:

Standard width dowel grips - used by most competitive gymnasts. Available in Velcro strap and buckle styles.

Narrow width dowel grips - ¼ inch narrower than the standard width. This grip is great for first time dowel users. It allows smaller gymnasts to be able to have the advantages of a dowel grip without having too much leather in their hands.

Pre-dowel beginner grips - designed for the gymnast who is preparing for the transition to dowel grips. This narrow width, full length, pre-dowel grip has a Velcro strap to keep the grip tightly on the wrist. It will assist with the prevention of tears and rips on the hands, as well as assisting the gymnast in getting use to the feel of a full length grip in their hand. 

Boys / Mens Grips:

Standard width grips: For high bar use or rings. The high bar grips have 3 finger holes and both styles are a standard width grip with a 1½” Velcro strap. Ideal for any level competitive gymnast.

We are regularly re-stocking all grips. If we do not have your size in stock, please contact us to hold a pair for you.

Please note: to date we have had absolutely no negative feedback on these grips, in fact most of the feedback has indicated that "they were very quick to break in" and "they are the best grips I have used". We love this kind of feedback :)

Testimonial - "Just to let you know the grips arrived yesterday and my daughter used them that arvo and she was very happy with them. They were soft enough to do Kip series, clear hips to hand stand, and fly aways after she wore them for 30min. She reckons they will be great after a couple of full sessions. So thanks very much again." 
Father of ILP7 gymnast, Torquay VIC  13/2/15


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