Our Leotards / Leotard Care

Our Leotards

All of our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are great value for money. We have carefully sourced our products from a number of leading sports and gymnastics-wear manufacturers.

We are confident that we are supplying the highest quality products and will happily back the products we sell.

Leotard Care 

As our leotards have come straight from the factory, we recommend you wash your leotard or other gymnastics clothing prior to their first use.

Every care has been taken during the manufacture of our garments to ensure only the best quality fabrics and embellishments have been used. All detailing on our leotards are done by hand which makes every leotard unique in its own way.

All of our leotards are very robust and durable, however there are a few things that you can do to ensure you get the most from your RS Gymwear gymnastics leotard. 

We recommend the following - 

  • Wash before wearing in cold water and NO detergent.
  • Turn the leotard inside out as soon as it’s been removed from the gymnast. This allows trapped sweat or moisture to escape and won’t allow it to stay in the garment
  • Allow the leotard to dry completely before laundering
  • Light (gentle) hand wash in a large amount of COLD water for best results. Don’t scrub or rub foil lycra or printed fabrics.
  • Alternatively, wash the leotard using a gentle machine wash in COLD water in a lingerie bag inside out (short cycle only). 
  • COLD water wash only with no fabric softener. If you must use a detergent, ensure it is only a very small amount of mild liquid detergent.
  • Absolutely NO bleaches, colour-brightener detergents or eucalyptus based detergents
  • Remove from machine as soon as possible to avoid creasing and dry flat or dry in the shade on a hanger
  • Never iron or dry clean
  • We do not recommend tumble drying

Please Note: heat, hot water, direct sunlight and fabric softener may affect the elasticity of the fabrics used in RS Gymwear leotards. 

Washing your leotard in warm or hot water WILL remove some of the colour from your leotard. Also, using a long machine wash may cause the colour to fade quickly.

RS Gymwear will NOT be held responsible for failure to follow our care instructions. These are high quality, specialty fabrics and need to be treated as such.