Size Charts and Fitting Guides

Our mission at RS Gymwear is to provide high quality, affordable gymnastics apparel for gymnasts and parents of gymnasts.

In order to avoid unnecessary expenses please consult the size chart carefully. We are happy to exchange incorrect sizes however any return postage is the responsibility of the buyer.

Leotard sizing is NOT generally comparable with street clothing sizes so it is recommended to measure your gymnast to determine the correct size. 

Please note: that the torso measurement is the most important measurement when measuring your child for a new leotard.

The torso measurement required is the full circumference of the torso. To get this measurement, start with the measuring tape on shoulder, go down the front of the body, under the crotch and up the back to the starting point.

If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

RS Gymwear Size Guide 2017


 What Size Grip is Right for You?:

  • For men’s and women’s dowel grips, measure from the base of the palm to the tip of the longest finger. Use that measurement in accordance with our sizing chart to help determine correct size. 
  • After putting on the grip, when the hand is fully extended, the grip should cover all but the tips of the 3 middle fingers. The girls' uneven bar grip and the men's ring grip should be worn only to the first knuckle. The men's high bar grip is worn between the first and second knuckle. 
  • Always choose the correct grip for the apparatus on which is is used. DO NOT use a women's uneven grip on the men's high bar.

How to Fit the Finger Holes:

  • In many cases, the finger holes of the grip will not fit perfectly right away - this is absolutely normal.
  • Use an object, like a sharpie or sand paper wrapped around a pencil, to carefully stretch the holes. Concentrate on the lower part of the hole, not the top. 

    How to Break In a New Grip:

    • It is helpful to first soften the leather by rolling it back and forth with your hands. 
    • Concentrate on longer turns rather than quality turns (Compulsory gymnast should do many turns on kips and tap swings. Higher level gymnasts should do kip casts to handstand and giant swings).
    • Get a good workout with your old pair of grips and after the workout, allow 10-15 minutes of breaking in time for your new grips.
    • Allow up to 2-3 days for your new grips to be 100% broken in.

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