Our Customers

We love receiving pictures of our customers wearing their RS Gymwear leotards (especially action shots). Thanks to those that have sent them in. If you want your picture posted on this page please send your photos to sales@rsgymwear.com.au with a small comment granting us permission to post the picture. Here are some that we have received -

  Sunny wearing Fairy Floss Gelato.



 Olena wearing the Olena black leotardOlena wearing Olena black

Hannah needle kick wearing Olena pink Hannah wearing Olena Pink

Lily scissone wearing Mango TangoLily wearing Mango Tango

Lauren wearing Aztec crop  Lauren wearing Aztec crop & velvet shorts

Olena & Holly splitOlena & Holly wear Ombre Weston

These photos courtesy of the talented Scott Maney of Maneyacts Photography.

Please send your photos in, you can opt to have them taken down at any time as they will always belong to you. We hope to receive many more photos in the near future.